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Why I find militant veganism rude and ignorant: an explanation by me

I was scrolling through one of those ignorant vegan blogs (you know the ones) searching for posts to reblog to my Loki’d page because I’m a sick fuck. I came across a post that said something like “the only humane lifestyle is a vegan lifestyle.”

And that’s fucked up. That’s really fucked up. Some of us cannot switch to a vegan or even VEGETARIAN lifestyle because of factors we cannot control.

I’m going to list the ones that I cannot control, and attempt to explain them. Now, I understand some vegans are going to find this and try to rebuttal. Word of advice: don’t. You will get Loki’d, and my Loki’d blog isn’t very sweet and cuddly.

  • I cannot afford it. Now, don’t get me wrong on this one; I’m not talking about being unable to afford fancy organic shit that’s jacked up 3 times the price of non-organic for the sake of it being organic. I’m talking about the fact that eating enough vegetables to sustain me is SUPER FUCKING EXPENSIVE compared to eating a mixture of meat and vegetables. I know the way my body works, since it’s working against me half the time, so I know for a fact that meat tends to fill me up faster than vegetables and bread and hummus and whatever else would be on the vegan diet. It means I would have to buy a LOT more food just to keep my sanity because I eat so damn much, and I wouldn’t have any money left to pay for other things, like electricity. Oh, I forgot one: tofu. But I’m getting to that.
  • I’m allergic to soy. The cheapest and most popular substitute for meat protein is soy, or soy’s Japanese-touted by-product, tofu. Tofu is the most popular alternative to meat, and I’ve been known to eat it in miso soup, after taking a Benedryl and watching what I eat closely for the next day or so. Wanna know what happened the last time I ate tofu as a meat substitute? I came down with anaphylaxis and had full-body hives, all during a time when my mother went on some vegetarian kick for some reason (the veggie burgers were disgusting, btw, and were NOT burgers). I had to get a shot in my ass and take steroids for three weeks to get better. 
  • I’m not sacrificing my health for sensationalism. Look, I get it, you’re worried about how animals are treated in the meat industry. I’m not against more regulations in that department or whatever. But the fact that I have no valid substitute accessible to myself (non-soy meat substitutes are really fucking expensive) and I feel like shit if I go too long without meat protein. My health declines, mostly because I’m an athlete. The same thing happens if I go without vegetables. I have to have an omnivorous diet or my health suffers and I start feeling miserable and get random cravings for the food I’m not getting. If I go too long without enough vegetables, I want to go to Subway and grab a Veggie Delite and eat it in two bites. If I haven’t had enough meat in awhile, I head to Texas Roadhouse for a steak. It’s just the way my body works, and I’m sure some people can relate, and I’m sure some people can’t. Which brings me to my next point.
  • It’s okay. Look, not everyone can survive on the same diet. Everyone is built differently, everyone has their own weird quirks and body chemistry. And that’s okay. It’s perfectly okay. Trying to force people into a vegan lifestyle with sensationalism, name-calling, and false information (remember the KFC comparison photo that had milk half the price it actually is??) is doing no service to the vegan cause. It’s not winning supporters. It’s driving them away. I would compare militant vegans to crazy Christian zealots, but that’s a bit cruel. I just want you guys to know that it’s okay if people don’t believe the same way you do about meat. They don’t believe that animals should be put before humans. And that’s okay.
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